Why MDI?

MRI and CT Abilene, Texas


  • Many doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals choose MDI of Abilene for themselves and their families
  • No need to miss work - MDI of Abilene is open until 8:00PM Monday - Friday and Saturdays until 5:00PM
  • MDI of Abilene offers Open MRI
  • With or without insurance MDI of Abilene saves patients hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • One Bill - No additional charges for the radiologist's interpretation
  • 24-hour report turn-around - One hour for stat reads
  • Same day / next day scheduling
  • Convenient parking

Our Promise

    The MDI team is proud to serve our community as the low cost provider of hi tech imaging.

    I promise to be an important part of this team. To personally be diligent everyday providing the best care to our community.

    I promise to give EVERY patient my very best. I promise to treat everyone with dignity, honesty, and kindness.

    I promise to be proud of my team, to lend my expertise and to take every opportunity to grow better together.

    I promise to do my part ensuring that MDI remains an integral service to the Big Country.

    If I falter, my team falters.

    I choose to enjoy my profession,
    I choose to participate,
    I choose to succeed.